About Us


Pinati is a Kasher Le'Mehadrin meat-serving restaurant. It's been renowned for years for its hummus, outstanding home-cooked and grilled meat dishes. The restaurant is set in one of Israel's most beautiful regions…it's located at Eshtaol intersection, a short drive from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and just a few yards from the historical Burma Road on the slopes of the Eshtaol Forest.

As well as being in easy reach for most Israelis, the region has a slew of attractions and “active leisure” sites - natural and heritage sites, national parks, Keren Kayemet forests, biblical sites, mysterious caves, hotels in the Judean Hills, country hospitality in the Shfela region, concerts in monasteries and caves, a goat farm that produces and sells gourmet cheese, olive presses… the list goes on.

We will gladly cater private events and celebrations with a Middle Eastern flavor. At Pinati we can accommodate up to 85 people in the winter, and up to 150 in summer. Whether it's a bar/bat mitzvah, a birthday celebration, a festive dinner or any other reason to meet, eat, and make merry – our staff is at your service with Pinati's rich menu and courteous, professional service.

We're sure that any event at Pinati will become one of your unforgettable memories!